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Bayer Enters Final Phase of Schering Integration in Indonesia


Jakarta, 02 April 2007

On April 1 2007, PT Schering Indonesia legally merged into PT Bayer Indonesia. The pharmaceuticals business of PT Bayer Indonesia and the business of PT Schering Indonesia are now combined in PT Bayer Indonesia and operate under Bayer Schering Pharma Division. “With this important milestone in place, Bayer is entering the final phase of integration in Indonesia,” said Hans-Josef Schill, President Director of PT Bayer Indonesia.

“The combination of Bayer and Schering will strengthen our position in the markets we serve in Indonesia,” explained Angel-Michael Evangelista, Country Division Head Bayer Schering Pharma Indonesia. “With our portfolio of innovative products such as Adalat OROS®, Avelox®, Cardio Aspirin®, Glucobay®, Ciproxin XR®, Levitra®, Nebido®, Incidal-OD®,Yasmin®, Diane 35®, Microgynon®, Primolut N®, Angeliq®, Mirena®, Nexavar®, Ventavis®, Betaferon®, Bonefos®, Fludara®, Androcur®, Magnevist® dan Ultravist®, we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers.”

“This is a compelling combination that fits into the strategy to strengthen our pharmaceutical business by focusing on specialty care. After the largest acquisition in Bayer’s history, the change of name demonstrates to physicians, patients and our employees that we have strengthened Bayer HealthCare according to Bayer’s mission: `Science for a Better Life´, “said Arthur J. Higgins, Chairman of the Bayer Schering Pharma Management Board, and of the Executive Committee of Bayer HealthCare. “It is our vision to be recognized as a company that drives medical progress and applies science to create a better life for millions of people around the world.”

Bayer Schering Pharma is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. In Indonesia the local headquarters will be in Jakarta. The total sales of the combined businesses amounted in 2006 to more than 7 billion euros. The companies invested a total of 1.4 billion euros in research and development in 2006. Bayer Schering Pharma is among the top ten specialty pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Today the company is already the world market leader in hormonal contraception, and has leading positions in the fields of multiple sclerosis, hematology and cardiology, as well as in oncology and diagnostic imaging.